This section contains photographs and images of people, places, and objects which have relevance to the KNIFTON family tree. You can view images by selecting a specific individual below, and can return to this list at any time by pressing the Gallery button.



Charles William McKinlay Knifton 1897-1917

Curtis Knifton 1884-1970

Edith Knifton [details unknown]

Eva Knifton 1890-1960
Eva Marion Knifton 1922-1942

Florrie Knifton 1898-1970

Francis Knifton 1821-1874

Frank Knifton 1866-1949

Frank Knifton 1893-1961

Frederick Knifton [details unknown]

Frederick Charles Knifton 1910-1978

Gwynneth Knifton [details unknown]
Harry Knifton 1894-1965
Helen Deadman (nee Knifton) 1822-1880
Herbert Knifton 1919-1945
James William Knifton 1861-1910

James William Knifton 1923-2011
John ("Jack") Knifton 1855-1896
John Wesley Knifton 1887-1966

John ("Jack") Knifton 1896-1965

John ("Jack") Knifton 1909-1997

Joseph Knifton 1854-1908

Joseph Thomas Knifton 1857-1928

Joseph Burrows Knifton 1901-1974

Mabel Knifton 1910-1983

May Knifton [details unknown]

Reuben Knifton 1879-1959

Richard Knifton 1947-2007

Robert Knifton 1876-1943

Samuel Knifton 1868-1953

Thomas Enoch Knifton 1903-1986

William Knifton [details unknown]

William Knifton 1910-2001




Horsley Grange

The Snake Inn