I have created five main branches of the KNIFTON family tree which all originate in England. KNIFTONs of the United States and Australia have been traced back to the Derbyshire-Horsley branch, while those of Canada can be traced back to the Derbyshire-Church Gresley and the Leicestershire branches. There are many other smaller groups which I hope to link to one of these main branches in the future.


The names I have given to these branches refer to the location that these groups where geographically concentrated. The names do not refer to where the group originated.


I rely greatly on contributions from others in building up a biography of all KNIFTONs in the family tree. If you believe you may be able to make a contribution to this knowledge, please contact me. Any small piece of information, such as occupations or achievements, the places people worked, or family tales, or military service, will all help enrich the history of our family for future generations.


The trees have been removed from this section of the website. Please contact me if you would like further information.


Due to confidentiality, details of known living KNIFTONs are not disclosed.