Sam Knifton, 50 Years Ibstock Barber, Is Dead


One of Ibstock’s oldest and best known residents, Mr. Samuel Knifton, has died in a nursing home after a painful illness. Mr. Knifton was 86 and for over half a century the village barber at his premises in High Street when haircuts were a 1d. and 2d. and shaves 1d. a time. He used to say that he had a good week when if he took 30/-.


Mr. Knifton was known as ‘honest Sam’. For most of his life he was connected with the parish church and the Sunday school, where he was a teacher for many years. He was also the organ blower at the parish church in and off for over half a century. When the electric blower was installed at the parish church, to the memory of the last Mr. Walter Baxter, Mr. Knifton always sat in the chair by the organ in case the power failed. On several occasions when the power failed he had a go with the handle.


Mr. Knifton was well respected by all in the village. He used to attend the Old People’s Welfare Association at the Toc H rooms every Tuesday.


Since the Rev. M. R. Newberry retired Ibstock parish church is without a rector. The services are now being conducted by Mr. James Vaughn who is in his 20’s and for some years has been a member of the choir. Recently he became a layreader.

Newspaper unknown, Leicester, England
October 1953