photo gallery

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This section contains photographs that have been saved by family members who have kindly allowed me to copy them so that they can be shown here.

Photographs have been grouped into various collections and are displayed here in their current condition. However, many have already been digitally cleaned and repaired, and these versions will be added later.



  • The Hudsons of Twyford
  • Photographs of John Hudson (1819-1894), his wife Caroline, their children, and their home.
  • The Hudsons of Australia
  • Photographs of Charlie Hudson (1866-1943), his wife Florence, their children, and grandchildren.
  • The Hudsons of Smalley
  • Photographs of John Hudson (1878-1938) and his wife Mary Ann (née Cox), together with their children Gertie, Cissie, Jack, Arthur, and Bill.