Updated 19th October 2022


Welcome to my family history website.

Having spent almost 15 years on a one name study of the Knifton surname, I began tracing ancestors of my other grandparents in 2021. For each one I am researching their line back as far as possile and uncovering documents which help tell the stories of their lives.

This website includes biographies of various people within my family tree, as well as outlines of the family trees from which I am descended. The library section contains portraits of people, images of documents, photographs of family artifacts, and newspaper clippings recording our family history. All can be accessed via the menu above.

Surnames of my ancestors

These are the eight surnames of the families from which my grandparents are descended. Within each group you can see the surnames which I have traced to these family trees.

Blackham | Adams, Allen, Ashton, Babb, Bacchus, Bates, Bannister, Betts, Bishop, Boswell, Bowyer, Bradley, Bridge, Briggs, Brown, Burns, Burton, Butcher, Cheetham, Clark, Clarke, Clay, Cole, Collins, Cooper, Copestake, Crofts, Darby, Deagan, Devereux, Duckworth, Durdy, Fox, Gregory, Hall, Harrison, Hawley, Heath, Hipkis, Hobbs, Hollingsworth, Jakes, Jones, King, Kitchen, Lester, Mace, Machin, Mansell, Marley, Marsh, Mason, Megson, Mellor, New, Noble, Parks, Parkes, Praed, Quinton, Richards, Russell, Salt, Severn, Simcox, Simpson, Sims, Slater, Smith, Spence, Stanton, Staton, Storer, Swift, Taylor, Thrall, Tye, Vickers, Walker, Watmough, West, White, Whithouse, Whittingham, Wilton, Wigley, Whithouse, Winson

Bowmer | Beardsley, Beighton, Bown, Braddock, Crofts, Davis, Edwards, Ford, Garrett, Hartshorne, Hudson, Johnson, Malin, Martin, Melrose, Moss, Parkin, Rawe, Slater, Smith, Statham, Walker, Waterfield, Wilmot

Cox | Blackshaw, Brown, Carter, Clowes, Collins, Craig, Edinborough, Hicklin, Holmes, Hudson, Jacklin, Jackson, Kyprianou, McGregor, Meakin, Parnell, Petty, Preston, Rollin, Sanders, Smith, Sykes, Timmis, Walker, West, Whale, Whittle, Wood, Wright

Hudson | Alldritt, Alt, Astle, Atkinson, Bacon, Baker, Ball, Barber, Beardsley, Beresford, Biddles, Birnie, Bishop, Boff, Bowmer, Brooks, Brown, Butt, Conway, Cooper, Cox, Cronshaw, Cumberland, Darby, Dexter, Draper, Dunn, Frith, Gibson, Goodwin, Handwerk, Hanson, Harris, Hawley, Hill, Howe, Hudson, Hunt, Jarvis, Julian, Kirby, Lamb, Limer, Lindley, Lovegrove, Marson, McKenna, McKeown, McLeod, Middleton, Mosley, Mountney, Needham, Oliver, Opie, Overton, Peach, Peat, Pegg, Radford, Reavill, Richardson, Reed, Rockley, Rodgers, Smalley, Smith, Stanway, Thomas, Twells, Wain, Ward, Whitehouse, Whitworth, Wilkinson, Williamson

Knifton | Adams, Alldred, Allen, Allsop, Alton, Annable, Anthony, Archer, Arnold, Bailey, Bainbridge, Bainbrigge, Baldwin, Ball, Barnett, Barr, Beardmore, Beardsley, Beeson, Belfield, Belkins, Blaine, Blanchard, Bloxham, Booth, Bounds, Bown, Boulton, Box, Boyes, Bridges, Brindley, Broughton, Brown, Burrows, Byard, Cameron, Caulton, Clarke, Clinker, Clower, Cooper, Cornforth, Cowlishaw, Cox, Cree, Cresswell, Daffern, Dancer, Denscombe, Doran, Earby, Eyer, Flinn, Ford, Fox, Frodsham, Frost, Garner, Gow, Gregory, Hampton, Harding, Hardwick, Harrison, Hartwell, Harvey, Hawkesworth, Hay, Hayward, Hemington, Hewitt, Hinkley, Hitchcock, Hogg, Holdcroft, Hollingworth, Holmes, Housley, Hudson, Hunt, Hyde, Illsley, Inman, Johnson, Johnston, Kidd, King, Knifton, Knudson, Langford, Leaver, Leibitch, Lewis, Lionberger, Lovegrove, Lynam, Martin, Mathers, Matthews, Maxwell, May, McCaroll, McHale, Middleton, Morley, Needham, Oakley, Okey, Oldham, Osborne, Painter, Paphan, Parker, Parkinson, Peach, Peat, Perkins, Piper, Pixler, Powers, Poyser, Pratt, Prebble, Prince, Race, Radford, Ratcliffe, Reside, Reynolds, Riley, Roberts, Rowson, Rushton, Russell, Rust, Schamber, Scherpelz, Scott, Shilton, Slater, Smith, Snape, Sparrow, Spencer, Stevens, Stokes, Storey, Strauss, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thornewill, Tideswell, Tomlinson, Vallis, Walker, Wallace, Wallis, Wanless, Webb, Webber, Welch, Wheatley, Whittaker, Wilkes, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilson, Winkler, Wood, Woodward, Wright

Moss | Abbott, Allsopp, Askey, Bacon, Bartlett, Belfield, Birley, Bloor, Booth, Bowmer, Butt, Clarke, Clifford, Cresswell, Dickman, Dring, Eley, Faulks, Fletcher, Hamilton, Henson, Hunt, Jackson, Kyte, Marsden, Moore, Mowberry, Newton, Ratcliff, Raynor, Reeves, Roe, Stedman, Straw, Thompson, Truman, Turner, Walker, Wilkinson, Wright

Russell | Allsopp, Baker, Bennett, Brookes, Corfield, Derry, Faulkner, Harrison, Hird, Knifton, Lees, Mellors, Moore, Pearson, Pickering, Roper, Smith, Sutton, Turner, Walker, Watson, Wilson

Williams | Attwood, Blackham, Booth, Clarke, Collet, Knifton, Mansell, Webster, Wiggins

Whereabouts unknown - can you help?

During my research I have come across references to the following items. It is not known where they are or whether they still survive. Please contact me if you may be able to help locate any of these family treasures :

The Diary of Joseph Moss | Between 1855 and 1881 Joseph Moss kept a diary of events within Smalley and the surrounding villages. It was last known to exisit in 1905. Several known entries can be read here.

Hudson needlework samplers | While attending Lady Crewe's school in the 1850's, the Hudson children produced several needlework samplers. They were last in the ownership of Leslie John Cox (1923-2001). Only the whereabouts of one is currently known.


Any old photographs, birth, marriage, death certificates, or other information referring to or depicting anyone you recognise as belonging to our family tree. Often these documents get discarded during clear-outs, but I will be happy to digitally archive and preserve their image for future family researchers.