The Diaries of Joseph Moss

from 1855 to 1881

Extracts from the 1855-1881 diaries of Joseph Moss

These entries are contained in a book by the Reverend Charles Kerry. However, he did not reproduce the entries verbatim but instead chose to embellish and edit what Joseph had originally written.

1856. Oct. 21. Subscription portrait presented to John Radford, Esq., of Smalley Hall. Chair taken by J. W. Evans, Esq.

1857. March 29. Stephen Foulks, farmer and cattle dealer, of Bell Lane, Smalley, died, aged 60 years. Sale Oct. 21.

1857. Apr. 2. Smalley Church broken into and plundered of the Prayer Book and vestments. Thief apprehended at Nottingham pledging the articles at a pawnbroker’s. One year’s imprisonment with hard labour.

1858. Feb. 28. Ed. Degge Sitwell’s 80th birthday. Ball to domestics and friends at Stainsby.

1858. July. Restoration of Horsley Church. New weathercock placed on spire by Charles, son of Mr Anthony Kerry, the builder, on the 31st. A few days later, the south arches of the nave fell down, bringing with it the roofs of nave and south aisle. The pillar next the tower had been under-mined by the making of a grave, and as soon as the gravestone over it was moved the column begn to settle : a loud shout was made, and the workmen had only just time to scamper out of the building before the roof and top windows and all came down.

1859. Mar. 28. The Glebe at Smalley let out in allotments to the industrious cottagers of Smalley.

1859. August 30. The harvest in this part of the country is over, and was never known better.

1860. Feb. 19. The well-known old yew tree near the Rose and Crown, Smalley, fell a victim to the fury of the storm which swept over the country.

1860. July 21. Edward Degge Sitwell, Esq., of Stainsby House, died in London, aged 82 years. Buried at Morley. Carried to the grave by his servants, viz : William Holbrook, bailiff; Will Bates, gamekeeper; Robert Fletcher, gardener; Joseph Brentnall, servant; Will Carrington, gardener; and John Woollands.

1860. Sep. 11. Re-opening of Horsley Church. Collection £133 6s. A collation served in the Schoolroom afterwards—something after the fashion of electioneering :—the wealthy and proud were filled with good things, but the humble and poor were sent empty away.

1860. Dec. 20. Thom. Bateman, Esq., celebrated the christening of his son and heir (Sachev) by giving a dinner, tea, and ball, at the Rose and Crown, Smalley. The musicians were George Burgoyne and Joseph Moss, author of this diary.

1862. Sep. 1. Lord and Lady Palmerston drove through Smalley in a carriage and four on their way to Eastwood.

1863. Sep. 30. Smalley Church re-opened after the construction of the new aisles.

1866. John Radford, of Smalley, Esq., died, aged 88 years.

1867. Sep. 3. The foundation-stone at the re-building of Heanor Church was laid by the venerable John Ray, Esq., of Heanor Hall.

1867. Sep. 5. Died suddenly at Kilbourn, Henry Hunter, Esqr, aged 59 years.

1872. April. 21. Mr Robert Boden, surgeon, of Smalley, died aged 74.

1874. Feb. 13. Revd. Hervey Wilmot Sitwell died at Stainsby House, aged 80 years.

1875. Jan. 24. Mrs. Harriet Jervis, of Quarndon, only dau. of Robt W. Sitwell, Esq., of Morley, died.

1875. Mar. 17. Joseph Caley died at Loscoe aged 93 years. Had buried 6 wives. Supported his house by coal higging. £300 said to have been found about his bed after death. Etc., etc.