I hope that you find my website interesting and useful. It is the result of many hours, days, and years of addictive research. And it is far from finished!


During my research I have discovered many KNIFTON memorials which have been abandoned or forgotten as family lines come to an end. The great British weather and mother nature have inflicted much damage on memorials long forgotten, from the erosion of dedicated text to fundamental structural damage caused by the roots of trees.


There are four KNIFTON memorials which are in need of minor repair to safeguard their existence. They risk being damaged further by growing trees and vegetation or being removed or relocated by local authorities if they become unstable and are considered a risk to the public. My aim is not to 'polish to new' these memorials but to simply repair existing damage.


I would like to appoint a qualified memorial mason to carry out these minor repairs as soon as possible. In this respect I would like to appeal to you for help in raising funds for these repairs. Your contribution will be used 100% for the purpose of restoring these memorials. Once the repair work starts I will post progress on this website.


None of these four KNIFTON memorials are my direct descendants but I feel obliged to make an effort to keep these memorials available for future generations interested in KNIFTON family history. I hope that the digital images you see in the Memorials section do not become the only source of those words left behind to recall previous KNIFTON generations.


You can make contributions to this appeal by using PayPal and the email address shown below. If you wish to send money by debit or credit card or any another method please contact me.


Thank you for your kind support.