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I rely greatly on contributions from others in building up a biography of all KNIFTONs in the family tree. If you believe you may be able to make a contribution to this knowledge, please contact me. Any small piece of information, such as occupations or achievements, the places people worked, or family tales, or military service, will all help enrich the history of our family for future generations.


Ann Knifton (née Ellis) 1853-1933
Charles William McKinlay Knifton 1897-1917 : Second Lieutenant, Royal Sussex Regiment
Catherine Louisa Knifton (née May) 1851-1930
Curtis Knifton 1822-1897: Farmer of Hulland Ward
Hannah Knifton (née ?) 16XX-1728 : wife of Thomas of Tantin Cross
Harriet Knifton (née Radford) 1803-1832
Harry Knifton 1895-1965 : Farmer and Threshing Contractor
James William Knifton 1861-1910 : Farmer of Makeney
James Alfred McKinlay Knifton 1899-1918 : Second Lieutenant, Royal Sussex Regiment
John Knifton 1853-1924 : Lieutenant Colonel
John ('Jack') Knifton 1855-1896 : The Eighty-One Tonner
Mary Ann Knifton (née Holmes) 1816-1854
Sarah Knifton (née Parker) 1822-1891 : Schoolmistress, Horsley Village school
Sarah Helen Knifton (née Russell) 1868-1930
Thomas Knifton 16XX-1721 : of Tantin Cross
William Knifton 1795-1858 : Farmer of Horsley Park
Winifred Knifton (née Williams) 1908-1991