DETAILS OF CURRENT VERSION & PREVIOUS UPDATES was launched on 3rd October 2004. In this version 3 release a new Biographies section has been included, together with new content in the Memorials and Library sections, including KNIFTONs found on the 1939 Register. All adobe flash has been removed.

History of previous updates

3 February 2013

  • New photographs added
  • New surnames traced to the KNIFTON family tree
  • Technical 'under-the-bonnet' improvements to remove a few display related glitches


In Memory of James William (Jim) Knifton 1923-2011

12 December 2009

  • Several new photographs added
  • Over 20 additional newspaper articles included
  • Many new surnames traced to the KNIFTON family tree

3 December 2008

  • Military Records added to the Library section
  • New articles added to the Newspapers collection
  • Birth, Marriage and Death records for England added to the Library section

1 January 2008

In Memory of Richard Knifton 1945-2007

  • London branch added to family tree and several updates to other branches
  • New pictures added to Gallery section
  • Several newspaper articles added

28 December 2006

  • Preliminary release of version 2
  • Content better organized and information easier to find
  • New Index section
  • New content added to all sections

13 May 2006

  • Content Update

18 April 2006

In Memory of Harold Edward Knifton 1924-2005 and
Elizabeth (“Betty”) Jane Allen (nee Knifton) 1934-2005

  • New content added to each section
  • General website design changes

10 December 2005

  • Family Tree section added with four branches
  • Photograph Gallery added
  • New records from 1851 England census added

7 August 2005

  • Technical update

17 July 2005

  • All sections updated with new information
  • 1871 & 1901 Canadian census records added

9 April 2005

  • New 'Registers' section with baptism and burial records
  • New entries in the England census, library, and memorial sections
  • Layout of census lists improved

13 February 2005


Reference Library updates:

  • Directory collection extended to over 200 KNIFTON references
  • Two newspaper cuttings added
  • Section reorganized and new indices added

2 January 2005

  • Reference Library opened with Directories and Newspaper cutting transcripts (including Obituaries) which mention a KNIFTON, and links to other websites which contain extra information about specific individuals in the KNIFTON family tree
  • Individuals found on the 1881 Canadian census added
  • New memorial inscription added for Duffield

12 December 2004

  • Individuals found on US census records of 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 & 1930 added
  • 120 new names in KNIFTON family tree added to 1871 England census list
  • England census lists updated to include age at day of census
  • For non-KNIFTON names on census lists, whether the person was or would later become a KNIFTON spouse or whether they were born a KNIFTON (i.e. 'nee Knifton')
  • Updated list of non-KNIFTON surnames in the KNIFTON family (now 115 surnames)
  • APPEAL launched

3 October 2004


Website launched with details of 37 memorial inscriptions and lists of individuals found on the census records of England from 1841 to 1901.