Mr. J. Close, borough coroner, held an inquest at the Town Hall on Monday morning respecting the death of William Knifton, 45 years of age, of Alexandra-street, Stapleford, who met with an accident which terminated fatally on Friday last on the Midland Railway at Toton Sidings.—Eliza Knifton identified the body as that of her late husband, who was a platelayer on the Midland Railway.—Lewis Thornhill, 10, Toton Sidings, a messenger in the employ of the Midland Railway, stated that he was on the Toton Sidings on the day in question when he saw the deceased stooping in the four foot points, near No. 12 signal box, oiling the points. He turned round, and saw a light engine coming up the line. It was then about four or five yards from the deceased. Witness shouted to the deceased to “Look up,” but before he could move he was knocked down by the engine, and the wheels passed over his body. His head was also badly injured. The engine stopped, and the deceased was taken to the Derby Infirmary. Witness did not hear the engine-driver blow the whistle.—Chas. Hy. Newton, residing at New-street, Long Eaton, stated that he was an engine-driver in the employ of the Midland Railway, and about 3 50 on Friday afternoon he was shunting at Torton Sidings with a tank engine. He was going about four or five miles an hour when he heard someone shout, and immediately stopped his engine and saw the deceased lying near the engine wheels. There was blood on both wheels and about the ground. The engine must have dragged the deceased several yards. Witness had received the signal to come down the line. He did not see anyone on the line in front of the engine.—Dr. Taylor, house surgeon at the Derby Royal Infirmary, stated that the deceased was suffering from injuries to both legs, the left wrist, and head. He thought death was due to shock to the system.—The jury returned a verdict that the deceased met with his death by being fatally run over on the Midland Railway on Friday afternoon.

The Derby Mercury, England
11 May 1892