The Late Mr. G. Vaughan Sankey, Interment at Gresley

The funeral took place at the Gresley Cemetery, on Sunday, amidst many signs of regret, of the remains of the late Mr. George Vaughan Sankey, of Church Gresley. The ceremony was performed in the presence of a large gathering of people by the Rev. F.R.A. Hoare (vicar), assisted by the Rev. B. Kenyon of Blackfordby. The chief mourners were: Mr. Frank Sankey and Mr. Vaughan Sankey (sons of the deceased); Mr. W. Sankey and Mr. J.M. Sankey (brothers); Mrs. Bodell and Miss E.Sankey (sisters); Mr. Joseph Shaw and Miss Shaw (brother-in-law and niece); Mr. E. Bodell and Miss L. Bodell (nephew and niece); Mr. W. Sankey (nephew); and Miss Harvey. Amongst those present at the graveside were Mr. & Mrs. L. Wootton, Mr. J.H. Stevens, Mr. W. Stevens, Mr. T. Boss, Mr. S. Ball, Mr. W.G. Smith, Mr. F. Knifton, Mr. J. Adams, Mr. F. Moore, Mr. A. Thompson, and Mr. A. Jones (Hill Top). The Earl of Chesterfield Lodge (M.U.), of which the deceased was a member for many years, was represented by Messrs. A. Jackson, Stockwell and others.

Burton Chronicle, England
14 November 1912