Funeral of retired Milford farmer

Mr. Frank Knifton, of Four Winds, Sandbed-lane, Belper, died at his home on Saturday. He was 68. Mr. Knifton farmed at Grange Farm, Milford, for 39 years before his retirement last year. Also well known as a haulage contractor, he was a member of Milford Parish Council, Belper Conservative Club, and president of Holbrook Miners’ Welfare Social Club. Mr. Knifton leaves a widow, a son, and two daughters. A funeral service was held at Milford Parish Church on Wednesday, conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. G. S. Howarth. Family mourners were: Mrs. P. Knifton; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Knifton; Mr. and Mrs. A. Hemington; Mr. and Mrs. H. Knifton; Mr. and Mrs. J. Bridges; Mr. and Mrs. R. Knifton; Mr. W. Alton; Mr. J. C. Knifton; the Rev. W. E. Knifton; Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Scantlebury; Mr. and Mrs. W. Farnsworth; Mr. and Mrs. W. Smith; Mr. and Mrs. E. Smith; Mrs. B. Stokes; Mr. E. Knifton. Representatives present were: Mr. H. Lamb (secretary), Mr. H. E. Wheeldon (chairman) and Mrs. Wheeldon, representing Holbrook Miners’ Football Club; Mr. R. Bates (chairman) Mr. A. Hales and Mr. J. Connolly, representing Holbrook Miners’ Welfare, and Mrs. Bates; Mr. A. Young, Mr. E. V. Young and Mr. F. Oldknow, representing Belper Conservative Club; Mrs. W. P. Pugson (chairman), representing Milford branch of the Old Age Pensioners; Mr. H. Hatton, also representing Oldknow and Sons, grocers, Milford; Mrs. and Mrs. A. Dixon, also representing the English Sewing Cotton Co.; Mr. H. Yates, also representing W. S. Bagshaw and Sons. Mr. R. Giles, representing Staffordshire Farmers; Mr. S. Beresford, representing James Beresford and Sons; Mr. W. L. Kerry, representing Wilson Bros., Belper; Mr. and Mrs. S. Slack, representing Slack and Sons, haulage contractors; Mr. W. Wright (chairman), representing Derby branch of the Road Haulage Association, and Mrs. Wright. Mrs. G. H. Lovatt, representing the Hallsworth sisters; Mrs. C. Walker, also representing Mr. Walker; Mr. D. Smith representing Mrs. Smith. Also present were: Councillor and Mrs. W. Belfield; Sergt. and Mrs. J. Cameron; Mrs. I Slater; Mr. and Mrs. P. Price; Mrs. M. Orme; Miss F. Hall; Mr. and Mrs. F. Watson; Mrs. A. Simpson; Mr. R. G. Spensor; Mr. R. T. Parkin. Mrs. N. Taylor; Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Stowe; Mrs. R. Bagshaw; Mr. J. Rose; Mr. P. Ottewell; Mr. M. E. Redfern; Mr. F. Lees; Mrs. B. Hague; Mrs. C. Entwistle; Mr. W. Prince; Mrs. A. P. Hodgkinson; Mrs. P. M. Hallsworth; Mr. O. Tatham; Mrs. E. Ryde; Mrs. O. Barr; Mr. and Mrs. J. Richardson. Mr. F. Lander; Mr. and Mrs. T. Hayes; Miss. E. Cheetham; Mr. A. Lander; Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Fletcher; Mr. J. Rowland; Mrs. F. W. Beard; Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Farnsworth; Mr. J. Sanders; Mrs. E. Shaw; Mrs. J. Davies; Mrs. W. Winson; Mr. and Mrs. H. Eaton; Mr. J. Powditch; Mr. and Mrs. J. Brown; Mr. J. L. Harrison; Mr. A. Gregory; Mr. P. Ellsley; Miss G. Clay; Mrs. R. Mellor; Mrs. J. Vickers; Mr. E. O. Robinson; Mr. A. Cheetham; Mrs. M. Osborne; Mr. J. Rowland; Mrs. C. Barr; Mrs. R. Ratcliffe.

Derby Advertiser, England
28 July 1961