Mr. Harry Knifton Dies

The death of Mr. Harry Knifton occurred at his home, Wood Lane, Horsley Woodhouse, on Thursday. Mr. Knifton was well known in the farming community for many years, and in his early days farmed at Makeney until setting up his own business in 1930 as a threshing contractor. Mr. Knifton had been in failing health for the past six years and his son carried on the business. He leaves a widow, daughter and two sons. The funeral service was held on Monday at Horsley Woodhouse Parish Church, conducted by the Vicar (Rev. P. Challenger). Mrs. Annable was at the organ and the hymns sung were “The King of love” and “Jesu, lover of my soul.” The interment was in Horsley Cemetery. The mourners were: The Widow; Mr. R. Knifton, son; Mr. and Mrs. B. Stokes, son-in-law and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. J Knifton and Mr. and Mrs. R. Knifton, brothers and sisters-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. J. Bridges, brother-in-law and sister; Mr. W. Alton, brother-in-law; Mrs. E. M. Knifton, sister-in-law; Mr. J. W. Knifton, nephew; Mr. and Mrs. J. Booth, brother-in-law and sister-in- law; Mr. and Mrs. A. Brown, cousins; Mr. and Mrs. H. Stokes, Mrs. L. Buck, Mrs. M. Clarke, Miss I. Hallam, Miss I. Hudson, Mr. L. Randall, Mr. T. E. Knifton and Mr. C. Poyser, friends. Floral tributes were received from all the mourners, also; Mrs. E. A. Brown; George and Nellie; Mrs. Woodward and family; Mr. and Mrs. H. Hill; Mrs. Bown and family; Miss Fowler; Granville; Girls at Batterby and Hefford; Joyce and Bill Brown; Dennis and Joan; Janet, Peter and Children; Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Cresswell; Hilda and Charles Wildgoose; Betty, Claude and family; Mr. and Mrs. Shaw and Edward; Mrs. Charles; May and Alister; Mr. and Mrs. E. Barham and Albert; Mr. And Mrs. Milner; Grace and Chic; Mr. and Mrs. J. Bosworth; Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett and Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Weston; Mr. and Mrs. C. Saxton; Mr. and Mrs. Cottam; Bob and Margaret; and Mr. Mee and Miss Woodhouse.

Newspaper unknown, England
October 1965