Plaque for courage


A plaque given as a tribute to the courage of an 11-year old Heanor girl has been presented by the girl’s parents to a man who has shown similar qualities.


The plaque was given by a Nottingham sports centre as a tribute to the late Jane Warner, of Mansfield Road, Heanor, who despite having an arm amputated continued swimming.


Jane’s parents decided to give the plaque to another person who had shown similar courage and tenacity in overcoming difficulties.


Richard Knifton (29) of 69 Wellington Street, Heanor, who is mentally handicapped, was chosen for his persistence in learning to swim. On Friday night Mr and Mrs Warner presented the plaque to him at the Mencap Youth Club, Heanor, which is run by Ilkeston and Heanor Society for Mentally Handicapped Children.


Richard’s mother, Mrs Winifred Knifton, told me: “over the last three years Richard has learned to swim at Heanor baths and goes there regularly. He’s doing very well and I am very pleased with him”.

Newspaper unknown, Derbyshire, England