Swimming Richard well on target


RICHARD KNIFTON, is well ahead of schedule in his bid to swim a million yards. The big swim at Heanor pool is under the Amateur Swimming’s Association’s adult award scheme and is being carried out in stages over five years. Earlier this year Richard (33), of Wellington Street, Heanor, got the bronze award, the first stage under the scheme, for notching up 20,000 yards in six months. Now he has completed the second stage, the silver award, having done 35,000 yards – in 11 months instead of the 18 months allowed. Richard has begun the third stage, the gold award - given for swimming 65,000 yards in two years. After that will come the diamond award, 150,000 years in three years and then the supreme award for one million yards – 914,440 metres – in under five years.




At the pool they are confident he will achieve it. If he does it will be largely due to the help he has received from volunteers of the Heanor Project (who run special swimming sessions for handicapped people) and to the efforts of his 70-year old widowed mother, Mrs Winifred Knifton. Mrs Ruby Starkey, community service organiser of the Heanor Project, said “Swimming is one of the highlights of Richard’s week. It is something for him at aim at each week and he is above target.” She added; “Many others in similar circumstances could do the same thing if they had the parental support. Richard’s mother really encourages him.” Richard learned to swim about seven years ago when his mother started taking him to the pool. It opened up a new chapter in his life. Earlier this year he took part in a sponsored swim to help others and raised £56.

Derby Evening Telegraph, England
12 September 1979