A Big Pay at the Upland Methodist Sabbath School.


Yesterday was the day set apart by the Committee on Missions of the Upland M. E. Sunday School for their anniversary, and it proved to be the best one ever given by the school. The collection amounted to more this year than ever before. Superintendent Joseph Knifton presided, and after all had become quiet the school sang “Praise Ye the Lord,” after which Rev. C. L. Williams, pastor of the Upland Baptist Church, made a short address. The Infant school then sang “Beds of Promise,” when Rev. J. W. Rudolph, the pastor, led in prayer. After another song S. A. Crozer then made a short address, followed by Colonel Theodore Byatt.


The offerings were made in the following order by classes:

William Nichols, $1 25

Edward Martz, 2 10

Lizzie Flounders, 2 36

Annie Burns, 5 30

Eva Knifton, 12 00

Ella Rudolph, 10 15

J. W. Parsons, 18 00

Minerva Coshrane, 20 25

Philena Knifton, 12 00

Mary Flounders, 4 02

John Temple, 1 60

J. W. Rudolph, 16 00

Total, $105.03


A basket collection was then taken up, swelling the amount to $137 35.


A meeting of the School Board and teachers was held in the brick school house on Saturday, for the purpose of arranging the grades, but no definite arrangements were made. The Young Men’s Republican Club meets at Pretty’s Hall, this evening at 8 o’clock.

Chester Times, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
9 March 1885