Another match is talked of between Sullivan and Herald. Paddy Ryan and Frank Glover are to box seven rounds, small, soft gloves, at Battery D armoury, Chicago, Oct. 25. Charley Mitchell is due on this side of the pond about Oct. 15, and Jem Smith, the English champion, will arrive about the same time. Jerry Murphy, who recently fought Tommy Warren to a draw in eight rounds, is in Boston. Jim Sexton, brother to the billiardist, wants to back young Murphy to fight any 130-pound man in New England. Pugilists are complaining that no two men can draw a crowd in New York city unless Sullivan is one of them. They say they are obliged to challenge the champion, or make no money out of the gate receipts. John L. Sullivan and Paddy Ryan have signed an agreement to meet in a boxing match in San Francisco within two months. After that is over the two big pugilists, with a selected company, will work their way east, taking in all the big towns. Jem Smith, the heavy weight champion, has sent a telegram to John McCarty, of Cincinnati, that he will come to this country after his fight for the championship with John Knifton, the 81-tonner, and will stand to box any man in the country, preferring John L. Sullivan.

Mitchell Daily Republican, Mitchel, South Dakota, United States
27 October 1886