Funeral of John Henry Keller and Mrs. Laura H. Walker.


The funeral of the late John Henry Keller took place from the residence of his brother, B. Frank Keller, Esq., East Washington street, at 2 o’clock on Sunday afternoon. Services were conducted at the house by Rev. P. A. Cave, of the Christian church, assisted by Rev. Dr. S. W. Owen, of St. John’s Lutheran church, after which the remains were taken to Rose Hill cemetery, followed by a large procession of the friends of the deceased. He was closely related to the Newcomers, Emmerts and other prominent families in the Beaver Creek and Funkstown districts, and they were largely represented at the funeral. Three of the surviving brothers were present, B. Frank Keller, Prof. Samuel E. Keller, principal of No. 8 Male Grammar school, Baltimore, and Solomon J. Keller of the Funkstown district.


A letter received by B. Frank Keller, from George H. Knifton, of Denver, Col., gives some additional particulars with regard to Mr.Keller’s death, which was entirely unexpected. He seems to have been on duty at his office on Monday, although for a day or two he had suffered from distressing symptoms in the chest, which his physician said were due to a heart lesion. On Monday night the trouble increased, and Mr. Knifton and other friends were called to his room. He died at an early hour on Tuesday morning. Mr. Keller was a very fine looking man, gentle and kind in manner, and was greatly beloved by those who were about him. His mother was a sister to the late Henry Newcomer, of Beaver Creek, and a photograph, recently taken, bears a striking resemblance to that gentleman. Those who remember Mr. Newcomer’s handsome, benevolent face, would readily recognize the portrait of his nephew.

Herald and Torch Light, Hagerstown, Maryland, Washington, United States
20 June 1895