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Washington, Jan. 9.—June 25 was today selected by the democratic national committee as the date for the national Democratic convention of 1912. The city will be chosen later this afternoon, after the committee concludes its hearing of representatives of St. Louis, Baltimore, Denver, Chicago and New York.


It was decided to permit representatives of these cities one-half hour each for arguments as to the desirability of the municipalities for the big convention.


Charles W. Franklin opened the arguments, speaking on behalf of Denver.


Franklin was followed by George Knifton, for Denver.


Roger Sullivan placed Chicago before the committee. The appearance of Fred W. Upham, secretary of the Republican national committee, to make the open speech, aroused a shout of laughter among the committeemen. J. Hamilton Lewis made the principal speech for the Windy City.


While Lewis was speaking, Henry Cassaway Davis, former senator and candidate for vice president in 1904, entered the room and was given a tremendous ovation.


Charles Herman supplemented the offer of convention expenses made by Chicago with an offer of $40,000 for the Democratic campaign fund.


The Supporters of St. Louis were much encouraged by the situation that developed after the committee had been in session some time and they assert confidently that the Missouri city would win the convention on the first ballot.

The Marion Weekly Star, Marion, Ohio, United States
13 January 1912