Choice Cattle Put on Sale


ABOUT 75 choice registered Ayrshire cattle were up for sale today at the State Fair Grounds.


Six hundred Ayreshire cattle breeders from the United States and several foreign coutries were on hand for the auction, conducted by the breeders’ national organization.


The organization, observing its 75th anniversary, elected officers yesterday. Dr. Robert O. Blood of Concord, N. H., former New Hampshire governor, was elected president to succeed Charles M. Rodriguez of Cropseyville, Rensselaer County.


Rodriguez became a vice president. Other vice presidents chosen were Harry B. Mesle of Lichfield, Conn., H. H. Dodge of Frankfort, and John Harnish of Bluffton, Ind.


Elected directors were: William Ashton of Edgemont, Pa.; Walter Klaus of Farmington, Minn.; Elias Sellers of Norristown, Pa.; C. J. Knifton of Sterling, Colo.; Richard Sears of Grinnell, Iowa; Murray Copenhaur of Nampa, Iowa; Walter Hahn of Frederick, Md., and Jordan Atwell of Orwell, Vt.


Syracuse Herald-Journal, Syracuse, New York, United States
6 May 1950